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Trigger Point Therapy

Treatment for trigger points starts with maintaining your spinal alignment with adjustments and spinal rehab to insure your central nervous system irritation is removed. Then muscle spasms will relax. Manual therapy, or deep tissue massage, will help break-up the scar tissue of minor trigger points. Larger or more long standing trigger points may need special treatment. Sarapin Therapy is a natural way to get deep into the trigger point and put a natural plant based anti-inflammatory into the scar tissue of the trigger point. It not only reduces inflammation but helps break up the scar tissue and put flexibility, youthfulness and proper function back into the muscle. Sarapin Therapy removes or reduces trigger points that would not be not eliminated with only deep tissue massage.

Freeing-up trigger points not only relieves pain and improves muscle function, but when done at the same time as your physical therapy and chiropractic care, will allow for the fastest and most complete correction of spinal alignment and posture. Not only will this allow for the fastest results, but will provide better long term stability preventing your condition from returning. Ask us to evaluate what type of trigger point therapy would be best for your case, so we can get you on a fast track to your peak performance!

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