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Chiropractic Education

Chiropractors go through an immense amount of schooling to receive a “Doctor of Chiropractic” degree (also known as a D.C.).

Their collegiate agenda is as follows:

  • Graduate from a four year college.
  • Completing at least two years undergraduate study, with a focus on the sciences.
  • Four years of Chiropractic Education.
  • Take mandatory internships.
  • At least 900 hours of work in a Chiropractic Clinic.
  • After graduating, pass a written and oral board exams, at national and provincial levels.

A Chiropractor may opt to choose to advance their degree in an area of specialty. These areas include: Chiropractic neurology, radiology, sports medicine, as well as many other fields.

This chart shows the number of hours served under study by Chiropractic students and Medical students.

Minimum Required Hours
Chiropractic Student Hours Class Description Medical Student Hours
456 Anatomy/Embryology 215
243 Physiology 174
296 Pathology 507
161 Chemistry/Biochemistry 100
145 Microbiology 145
408 Diagnosis 113
149 Neurology 171
56 Psychology/Psychiatry 323
66 Obstetrics And Gynecology 284
271 X-ray 13
168 Orthopedics 2
2,419 Total Hours for Degree 2,047

A Comparison of Chiropractic Student Versus Medical Residents Hours of Study, http://www.drgrisanti.com/mddc.htm

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