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Back Pain

Almost 80 percent of the US populations suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. It is the most common cause of missed work. Back pain is mainly caused by sprain in the back muscles or ligaments.

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Arthritis is inflammation of bones affecting one or more joints. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis. People of all ages can have arthritis however older people are more susceptible to it. Severe arthritis is a chronic condition, making daily chores extremely painful.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that is predominantly triggered due to the compression of the median nerve as it travels out of the wrist at the Carpal tunnel. The Carpal Tunnel is a relatively narrow opening found at the very base of our hand

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Shoulder & Arm Pain

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and is the most mobile joint in the human body. As the name suggests, the socket is primarily responsible for movement of the shoulder and the arms. Pain in the shoulder can cause significant discomfort and could gradually increase to an extent that regular shoulder motion would seem like a sheer nightmare.

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Sciatica pain can be excruciating and usually radiates down the legs to the foot, ankle and toe. A constant nagging pain, numbness, weakness, tinglingcould be a Sciatica pain on one side of the buttock or leg. Some individuals experience a sudden spike in the pain on sitting down.

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According to studies conducted by the National Safety Council in the year 2015, approximate 4.4 million Americans were involved in an auto accident. The report also mentions that up to 43 per cent of all the unfortunate accidents that have occurred involved a distracted or drowsy driver.

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Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal dysfunctions that hinder the normal lifestyle of many people. It can be chronic hindrance to the active lifestyle everyone desires or can be severe enough to restrict movement of an individual. Imagine the trauma and inconvenience that could be caused, if you are gradually unable to move due to excruciating knee pain?

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Stress is one of the dire side-effects of hectic lifestyle, mounting professional pressure, personal problems, strained relationships and financial worries. According to recent surveys, fear and insecurities are two of the most important factors that lead to stress conditions.

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Work Injuries

Awkward sitting postures, Repetitive motion injuries, Repetitive trauma disorders, and Soft tissue disorders are some of the prevalent work injuries that most of us are faced with. From athletes to desk job workers, each of them is prone to some classification of Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).

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Joint Pain

Joints are responsible for the connection between the human bones. They are largely responsible for providing us support to move, stretch, and run or undertake various posture driven motions.

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Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is one of the most common health problems affecting thousands of individuals all across the country. The neck is the vital link between the brain and the rest of our body. Injury to the neck can be detrimental as it can muddle the crucial coordination between the two.

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Foot & Ankle Pain

Foot & Ankle pains area common across the heel, toes, instep,arch, or bottom of foot. The “wear-and-tear” Arthritis and gout are major causes in the big toe characterized by swollen and tender foot. Athletic Injuries, poorly fitted shoes, too much walking, obesity and aging are few of the other major causes of foot and ankle pain.

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Scoliosis is a spinal misalignment caused due to a lateral curvature in the otherwise straight vertical structure of the spine. The reasons for Scoliosis might range from birth anomalies to traumatic bone injuries and collapses.

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Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint connects the jaw to the temporal bones of the skull. This joint is solely responsible for movement of the jaw. Pain in the jaw and other muscles of the face occurs primarily due to a condition called the Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD).

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Is Chronic and repetitive muscle pain, lack of sleep and regular fatigue, literally stripping you off the fun elements in life? Well, categorically speaking, roughly 15 million Americans, a majority of them being women, are suffering from various degrees of Fibromyalgia too.

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A headache also called “Cephalgia” is pain arising in the head. The pain arises from tissues and other structures surrounding the skull. Our hectic professional life and work pressure puts a lot of stress on us.

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Pregnancy Pain

Abdominal pain and back pain during pregnancy is normal as the body undergoes several changes to adapt to the new life inside the womb. The uterus constantly expands and the ligaments stretch during pregnancy. While the spine realigns itself to maintain the growing body balance. Pregnancy brings about emotional and physical changes in a woman’s body.

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Hip Pain

The hip joint is practically the largest ball and socket joint in the human body that connects the leg to the torso. The thighbone, scientifically termed as femur, fits into the acetabulum, popularly called the socket. The friction between the acetabulum and the thighbone is negated by the Cartilage.

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Vertigo is the sensation of the environment literally spinning around you. It is accompanied with mild to severe feeling of dizziness. Vertigo is usually related to brain or inner ear problem and essentially occurs due to vestibular system disorder.

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Neuropathy is a chronic condition that occurs when the nerve fibers are damaged or malfunctioning. The primary job of these nerve fibers is to send signals to your brain about any physical sensation. When they are damaged, they send faulty signals to the brain.

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Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow is the common name given to pain originating on the elbowsoutside or lateral side of the elbow. This condition arises from an irritation or inflammation of the tendons of one or several forearm muscles at their attachment to the bony protuberance close to the elbow joint,

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Wellness Care is the ultimate journey on the road to optimal health and well-being. Put simply, Wellness Care is chiropractic care that keeps your body at its peak physical levels by keeping your body’s alignment in perfect tune with where it needs to be.

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Wrist & Hand Pain

The joints in our body are designed for providing flexibility in our musculoskeletal structure. It is not normal for movements of joints to cause pain. However, for some joints that are continuously used such as the hands and wrist…

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Smoking Cessation

Quit Smoking Laser Therapy is similar to acupressure, except the treatment is done with a small laser point instead of needles making it completely noninvasive and pain free. With the Quit Smoking Laser Therapy, a laser light pulse is placed at different acupoints of the hands, face, nose, feet, and ears.

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Weight Loss

This is the time for change and there’s no better time to get fit then NOW! Our team has lost a combined 100 lbs over the course of 3 months. We challenge you to be a fitter you…

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Car Accident Rehabilitation

We understand the stress of automobile accidents. You are in pain. Your car is damaged or not working. You can’t return to work or you feel forced to work even though you are hurting. Your friends are giving you all kinds of different advice but you are not sure what course to take.

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Work Injury Rehabilitation

If you’ve been injured at work, The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) of Ontario will fully cover the cost of your work injury treatment in Bowmanville. Whether you have injured your back, your arm or shoulder, or any other area, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have your injury examined and treated by the team at PPHC.

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What is SpineTech Therapy?

Millions of people suffer pain and health consequences from neuroskelatal problems.

Ironically, most of them forgo treatment, because they fear the traditional “rack & crack” method of chiropractors.

What Is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is regulated by provincial statute in all provinces. For example, in Ontario,

Who Are Chiropractors

A Doctor of Chiropractic has spent four years at an accredited chiropractic institution,

Chiropractic Education

Chiropractors go through an immense amount of schooling to receive a “Doctor of Chiropractic”

Causes of Back Pain

The causes of back pain are nearly as numerous as terms used to describe the symptoms.

Headache Research

A randomized controlled trial performed by chiropractic researchers reports chiropractic

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